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hello there I'm starting my IB year in 2018 , I was thinking of doing my EE on psychology tho psychology is not my main goal , I was thinking doing it on homosexual  from the psychological aspect , their history etc .. . 

please can you tell me what to avoid what source i have to avoid ??? what are the requirements foe a successful ee from psychology :D 

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So IB publishes guides (syllabi) for each topic and you can find some under this forum's Files / General IB downloads / Other IBO documents and look through them to see what course content you can relate the topic to.

In general in the early stages, you should explore multiple topics in different subjects. Maybe also explore potential group 1 or 3 or 4 topics as well in the early stages. For this topic you might consider how psychology and sociology (under IB anthropology) look at it in different lights. Look at sample EEs from different subjects to gauge how to structure research questions appropriately.

Specifically, ensure that you base your paper on scholarly sources such as from subject specific databases. Keep in mind that homosexuality is a taboo or highly controversial topic in many places around the world where EE might get sent to. So you don't want to add any unnecessary political elements or even personal beliefs into your paper.

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