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For statistics, you can use R, which is a powerful open-source scripting language for working with statistics. Since it's open-source, many people use it, and thus you will get lots of helps online. Remember to download both R and R-studio. If you are absolute beginner in scripting languages, I would recommend looking at this link: https://support.rstudio.com/hc/en-us/articles/201141096-Getting-Started-with-R

Otherwise, Excel is another great program for statistics and graphing in general.

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Excel (numbers for mac) are the classics, and the best for sets of data. This is what I'd suggest if you want to analyse your data. You can use the online version of Office if you don't have it and can't afford it.

GeoGebra, as mentioned earlier is good as well, however I don't know its abilities concerning data sets.

GraphSktecher is a good program for drawing the graphs.

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