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I have Spanish AB exams in one month ( year 1 end of year). What is the best way I can prepare? My teacher didn't give me much to work with, she didn't actually do anything the whole year. I have picked up some grammar and vocab on my own but I know it's not enough.  Any tips would be welcomed.

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I'm not familiar with AB curriculum but I'd recommend using Conjuguemos to get used to using and conjugating for basic verb tenses. You'll also want to understand noun-adjective agreement, something that is fundamental when beginning to learn Spanish. I find it hard that to believe that your teacher didn't do anything the whole year, but if she really didn't, then you might want to study some vocal lists for Spanish beginners. If you're speaking in hyperbole, then just make sure you know the vocal that she assigned. Apart from that, there are many podcasts for beginners who are trying to learn Spanish. If you feel comfortable with that, you can even try to watch TV or listen to podcasts produced for native Spanish-speakers.

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