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Stoichiometry Problem

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What is the total number of atoms in 0.50 mol of 1,4-diaminobenzene, H2NC6H4NH2?
A. 16.0 x 10^23
B. 48.0 x 10^23
C. 96.0 x 10^23
D. 192.0 x 10^23

When I work out the problem I keep getting 3.0E23

0.50 mol * (6.0E23/1 mol) = 3.0E23

Am I doing something wrong? I feel comfortable doing stoichiometry, but now this problem makes me doubt myself.


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So 3 × 1023 is the number of molecules, but we need to multiply by number of atoms per molecule, which is 16, to get 48 × 1023 atoms. You have the right idea I think it's just reading the question carefully. 

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