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Help Please!

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Hi everyone,

I am about to select my IB Subject combination and am very nervous! This is what I am thinking at the moment:


Business Management HL

English HL

__________ HL

Maths SL

Spanish Ab Initio SL



Could you guys please help by just giving me some tips/advice for the IB and if my subject combination is OK... Also what other HL should I do?? (I don't like science, and would prefer any subject that is easy to get a 7 in)


Thank you so much for giving up some of your time :D

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'Easy' subjects depend on the individual. What are your strengths? What does your school offer that you feel comfortable with taking at HL? These are really things that you have to ask yourself. Apparently Geography HL is a pretty decent subject, even for beginners? It's the only one I can think of off the top of my head.

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Hi, I've seen you've chosen ESS SL. Always note that less than 1% gets a 7 each year in ESS so please rethink that choice again. Maybe opt up for Bio SL (?)

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