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English B SL P1 2017

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I know it's kinda stupid, but I'd like to know whether question 31-34 require us to include only a 'short phrase' or a 'sentence' for the marks. Yes, it is stated 'phrase' in the command but then I tried to go over past papers and found out that there were some cases they expected u to include the whole sentence (which is literally not a phrase by any definitions).. For TZ2 people, here I'm referring to the text entitled "History of Telecommunication: from firebells to smartphone"

There were 4 questions in this part.

31. In old times, communication was not a sophisticated and... (instantaenous interaction (we know and love today)).

32. Firebells, the most ancient way of communicating, are... (simplistic in design).

33. Pigeons could help to reduce the number of deaths by... (delivering vital messages).

34. The development of telegraph leads to the invention of... (telephone, fax machine and internet).

Any extentions to these?


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