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potato v.s. sweet potato !

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i am doing the creative lab thing comparing potato and sweet potato's osmosis
i dont know how to write the conclusion
so yea
um...do u guys have any info on potato and sweet potato?
my propose is Compare the sweet potato and the potato’s mass percentage difference in the same solute concentration. How will this difference differ in other solute concentrations?

is there any info?? on this??
i put down like
potato is a starchy crop, therefore contain more starch than sweet potato...
so weird


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Talk about their different salt/sugar concentrations and why/how this relates to the results you obtained in the lab. Can you also find literature values supporting your argument?

Don't forget sources of error and improvements. :sadnod:

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Remember that starch is insoluble in water so it does not exert any osmotic pressure. I think that the sweet potato has a higher solute concentration (mainly sugars) so that is the reason for it being sweet. As the potato has a higher water potential, it will lose more water through osmosis so its mass will change more than the sweet potato. Edited by Hedron123

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