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I conducted my physics IA experiment recently and I would like to know something. The aim of my experiment was to measure capacitances' of different capacitors by discharging with a hand made machine. I measured the capacitance by using the rate of discharge and plotting it on a graph. Then I used the gradient and a formula to calculate the capacitance. So know I am wondering if I had to add a dependence, by that I mean like discharging capacitors under a specific condition. Is this necessary for the IAs or can I just write up the way I did. If I am supposed to add a condition what would the highest mark achievable be if I didn't add one. 

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Yes you can write it up as it is, but I suggest keeping the collected data, and also discharging capacitors under a specific condition to reduce the uncertainty and also to give you more to talk about in the IA. Having more data, whether used or not is helpful as some people do not have enough data needed for a full IA. I think you'll be marked down to a maximum of a high 6, or medium 6. 7s require good work, meaning littleuncertainty, all areas relevant are looked and an improved or addressed, rather not in the evaluation. So if you want a 7 or high 6, you'll need to add the dependence.

All the best!

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