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Spanish B- for kids whose teachers did not teach

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So basically my teacher was new to the whole IB curriculum and taught us- not the wrong stuff- but not the things I need to know for the exam...

I was going over practice ones and I literally feel like I can't understand anything so I bought the oxford course companion and even that's a little vague. Not sure if I'm supposed to be in the dark about this exam or what...

Can someone recommend me to resources that would actually have content relevant to the exam? Is there certain vocab I have to know???? Grammar?! Plz help  :lc:

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The Language B exam is very simple. Though I absolutely recommend practicing it and looking at a markscheme before you take the test.

The most important thing that you need to know is that on Paper 1 you should copy the words in the article verbatim. Do not change any words or rephrase what they said in the article, simply copy and rewrite their text for your answers to questions. If you change the wording, it will be marked wrong. 

On Paper 2, make sure you fit the text type: if they ask for an email, then you need to write a "Para:", "Asunto:" , etc. all in Spanish; the same level of formatting is expected for other text types. If it's a persuasive essay, your expected to maintain a formal register while delivering your argument. Pretty much obvious things.

You could have learned vocabulary that will prepare you to talk about topics such as health, global issues, etc. Your expected to be able to recognize all tenses and be able to use them in writing, but you obviously do not need to for your essays as long as you do not commit errors. A wider range of expression will be rewarded though.

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