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Do I need Bio for Neuroscience?

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This fall I will be applying to university and I've been thinking about what a want to study. For quite a while I thought I wanted to study mathematics/physics at university (hence my IB subject choices). Now, I am quite interested in studying Neuroscience... the problem is that I don't take IB Biology. 


These are my current grades: 

HL: Maths (7), Physics (7), Chemistry (7)

SL: Geo (7), German (7), English (6). 


Do you think that any good UK university (i.e. top ones) would accept me even though I don't have biology? Would I be at a large disadvantage? 


Thank  you so much for any answers. 

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My university, St Andrews, offers Neuroscience. I know in the first year you do Psychology and Biology as your modules in your first two years, and then do Neuroscience modules in your last two. The entry requirements stipulate you only need two of Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Maths so you should be fine. The entry requirements can be found here. https://www.st-andrews.ac.uk/subjects/neuroscience/neuroscience-bsc/ 

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