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Further math examinations

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I took FM this May. I think they're generally harder than last year and I only had 30 min left for the last 3 questions on Paper 1, I took 2016 May FM exams as my mock exam and I finished paper 1 with 30 min left. Paper 2 is very difficult, especially the last question, which is about hyperbola matrix transformation.

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Tbh I think Paper 1 wasn't that bad, but yeah Paper 2 was really pretty difficult, and 2014-2016 exams were mostly easier (especially 2014).  Pretty much gave up on the last question in Paper 2.  Were you supposed to use matrices to represent the hyperbola?  Because if you were, then that might have helped me with the horrid mess of algebra that I got into.  

Really hope the grade boundaries are lower this year, although it's always hard to tell.  

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