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Spanish B SL Orals Practice

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How should I practice for my orals? I have like 3 days left and my topics are health and leisure. The whole picture description thing seems really vague to me and I'm not exactly sure about how to prepare...

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The oral takes a total of 10 minutes but you have 15 minutes to prepare after you are shown the picture. What I did was I physically described the picture given to me (like what is in the foreground/background, what are the people wearing, what colours there are...) for 2 minutes. Then I related my picture to my topic and talked about that for 2 more minutes - for example, if my picture was of a robot and my topic was science and technology, I'd talk about the benefits and disadvantages about robotics and if they should replace humans in factories and stuff like that. The teacher will just ask you questions for the other 6 minutes based on what you just said.

There's not much to prepare for but if you'd like you can make a list of vocabulary relating to your topics. You will be marked well if you use lots of complex verb tenses, connecting words, and idioms so it's good to know those too. You can practice with your friends by using random pictures and making them ask you questions.

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