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Sources for my Mathematics EE

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I am doing mathematics for my extended essay and my topic is on Morley's Trisector Theorem, which states that if you trisect the three angles of any triangle, then the resulting intersections of each adjacent pair of trisectors forms an equilateral triangle in the center, deemed the Morley Triangle. My topic is on finding an expression for the area of that triangle depending on the placement of one of the points of the triangle in space, and later find the maximum area of the triangle as the area of the outer triangle extends to infinity.

The problem is... I am not sure what to do about my sources. So far, I have one source that gives the proof of the theorem, one that gives the same proof but in a slightly different step-by-step guide, one gives the history of the theorem, and one just introduces the theorem itself. That is four sources, and if I were to include the Calculus Options textbook as a source (which I'm allowed to do but sounds kind of needless) that would be five sources. Is that enough? If that is all I need to do a more or less in depth analysis, is it okay to focus more on my own mathematical skills rather than facts or methods that I see other people doing?

If it helps, I have done minor research to see if anyone else has done this topic, and although it has been touched on it has been trivial, so I do not think that those sources would be of much use to me other than stating my justification of my own topic.

Please help, because I do not want to get marked down on the "Investigation" category for not having enough sources or not using them effectively.

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Are you using the 2018 EE guide? The 5 criteria for the new extended essay are A) Focus and Method B) Knowledge and Understanding C) Critical Thinking D) Presentation E) Engagement 


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Holy moley. Thank you so much for showing me this. I've been looking at the old one this whole time but I am reading this new one right now. Thank you so much this is saving me so much time.

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