Tom Bombadil

My Spanish B SL Teacher has given me one day to prepare for the individual oral (the one based off a picture)

They way it's been described to us (the class) is we are given a picture, with 15 minutes to prepare, and then we describe it and talk about the question that comes along with it. And then my teacher will ask my questions about any of the topics we have done so far (which is Health, Social Relations, and Methods of Communication). I assume this is generally how it is for most people? What can I do to prepare? Mainly vocabulary, and which conjugations are considered good to put in.

I'm also looking through the textbook I have on the appropriate topics, which seems sensible to me.

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Basically, there isn't much preparation that can be done before the 15 mins. It's best to have some sort of plan of how you are going to describe the picture. EX: background, then foreground or left to right. (That way it sounds more organized than randomly mentioning parts of the picture.) It also doesn't hurt to know a few buzz words/phrases that relate to your topics. It's supposed to feel somewhat like a natural conversation, so don't over think the delivery. 

Best of luck!

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