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I need a little help coming up with a topic

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I have ideas of what i want to work with:
1) josef mengele and the nazi experiments
2) concentration camps, the jewish camps and asian camps

I dont know how to make a topic out of these ideas..help?

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Try formulating a question that goes like:

-To what extent did....
-How important was....

For example, how important were the concentration camps during WWII in carrying out Hitler's policy of ethnic cleansing? That's a little too basic, with an obvious answer to it. But you get the point.

A question that doesn't relate to your topics but is historical is "A comparison of Nazi propaganda and Italian Fascist propaganda; how successful were they in achieving their respective aims?" It actually interests me quite a lot, but my EE is in English Literature so I wouldn't be using that question.

Basically, nothing that is narrative. Think of the kind of questions that you get in Paper 2 History exams. Those kind of questions are appropriate.

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