Geography HL, psychology HL

Hey there is there is any advices to get 7 in psychology HL and geography HL ? How should I prepare myself for these two subjects??? 

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I don't take History but here are some tips for Psychology.

#1 rule in getting a 7 for Psych is to KNOW YOUR COMMAND TERMS. Learn the difference between each of their definition and what each of them wants. (You can find google this or look it up in your textbook). 

#2 know your studies. I'm guessing you're in your first year of DP? Here's the thing, you will be learning LOTS of studies throughout the course of 2 years and your teacher would tell you to memorize them all. HOWEVER, based on MY experience, you don't necessarily have to memorize all the studies because there are just too many and memorizing all of them would be a waste of time. So what I'd suggest is to organize the studies based on their different categories and memorize the 'versatile' ones. For example, Bartlett (1932) can be used to answer both CLOA and SCLOA questions about schema/cultural. (You will get me once you start Psych!) 

#3 practice writing an essay for EVERY learning outcome. One of the good thing about Psych is that you know what's gonna come out in the actual IB exam since they'll follow the LOs and change the command terms. So when you're practicing to write an essay, just practice writing with the level 3 command terms. Once you nail the level 3 command terms, you'll be able to nail all the command terms. Trust me. 

#4 aim for the highest mark bench for your IA. For HL Psych, you need to choose a study and make some changes to it so make sure you do really well on that. 

#5 never give up. I used to get like 2s for the first 2 quarters for Psych but eventually pulled my grades up to a 5 at the end of Grade 11. Psychology will seem hard and intimidating at first, but at the end of the day, it's all about practice and perseverance. 

Psychology, whether it's HL or SL, is a disaster. I mean yeah, it is indeed one of the most interesting subject which I enjoy learning in DP BUT the exam never fails to screw me over every time. The good news is, because it's one of the hardest subject in DP, it has one of the lowest bellcurve in IB! This means that you only need 63 points out of a 100 to get a 7 (according to 2016 bellcurve) whereas the same points will only get you a 5 in standard-bellcurve subjects like English. Don't get me wrong though, that doesn't mean you can just slack off to get that 7 because getting a 63 is definitely not as easy as it seems. 

Haha, good luck! :)


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