Music SL Solo Performance

I take Music Sl and for my solo performance, I was thinking on playing,

Liebestraume no.3 by Liszt,

Prelude in C sharp minor by Rachmaninoff,

Summertime by George Gershwin,

Piano Sonata No.1 Mov.1 by Beethoven.

Are they difficult enough and are they different enough since I heard that the IB wants diverse pieces.

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I don't take IB music myself, but from my experience, I can say that your selection of repertoire is fairly diverse in terms of time periods, although you do have two romantic composers - it may be wise to pick one Baroque composer instead for more contrast.  Check with your music teacher for clarification - he/she is probably a much better source.  Might also be worthwhile to see if there are any non-Western composers that you can play.  

Can't say much for difficulty, as I don't know what the IB wants.  Hope this helps somewhat

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