Subject package choice

Hello Survivers, 

I just switched from the Swiss maturité system to the IB. Currently in a dilemma to be very honest. 


I do not exactly know what I want to study later, i know I want to be in the medical area. Most likely medical malpractice law, yet again, our opinions change so much (and since I've always been very good in biology) I have also been considering Medicine. 

My current subject package is : 

English Lang and Lit SL / French Lang and Lit SL alongside Maths SL 


in HL I want to take Biology and Psychology (through Pamoja) and I'm currently doubting between Chem and Econ. 

Im much better in Economics, that's for sure. But if I stay in europe for uni i need Chemistry if I would eventually like to apply for Med. Whilst if i go to the US, it won't really matter as I'll have to do an undergrad first. 


Would someone like to tell me what's safer to take ? Something I'm better at but close my doors to Medicine in Europe? Or take Chemistry and try and survive ? 


Appreictae all the help and answers ! Thank you

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Chemistry will supplement biology and will make many processes easier to understand. I am not sure how much exposure you have in any of your subjects but IB is a big step up from most high school programs and it's better to take med-related courses than what you presume to be easy ones

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