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Hello! RIght now I'm on vacation n struggling in ib subject choices. I wanna major in medical so I must take ib bio HL and chem HL. But for me, i don't want give up ib math hl due to those two subjects. Give the opinion if general people manage ib bio, chem, math hl. N what I most struggle is to choose subjects in Group 3(individuals and societies). I want to do easiest subject in that. Please recommend me the subjects in Group 3 as your experience. Thank you in advance!^_^

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Hi. Welcome to IB Survival.

You certainly have an ambitious HL schedule. I don't blame you for wanting some lighter SL classes. First thing I'd recommend—and I know it may not be possible because you might not know anybody—try to ask some kids who are going/have gone to your school about the course loads for Group 3 classes. This is especially true if you are going to school in the U.S., as IB scores/external examinations are less important here, so you really don't have to worry about putting in tons of extra work for subjects you're happy to be competently mediocre in. You can just do what the teacher assigns. Ultimately, teachers for the the courses at school affect how much work students do in the course.

That being said, I'll offer some opinions.

I can tell you right now to avoid history. That is perhaps known by consensus as the most difficult and most time-intensive Group 3.

I took psychology and the amount of work wasn't bad, but the external really seemed difficult and stressed me out (I didn't actually test in it though). I also did not enjoy the class but there were others who did.

Economics, I have heard, is less work, but I never took the class. I don't know about philosophy or ITGS because our school didn't offer those, so maybe someone else can provide an opinion on those.

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