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Secondary/subsidiary questions for TOK oral presentation

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Hi guys,

I'm writing a TOK oral atm (we're doing practice ones at our school) and my group's topic is can we define universal beauty for women, (the physical appearance of women - our kq may need some rephrasing). In my group I am primarily focusing on beauty throughout history, and in different cultures. I was just wondering how many subsidiary/secondary questions I should bring up in my section (which is roughly 7 mins). 

some ones i was thinking of are

- has our notion of beauty always been the same

- why might different cultures define beauty differently

- is the media responsible for modelling our perception of beauty today

Also open to any advice and suggestions!! 

thanks so much xxx 


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I don't think media has much to do with history, as contemporary media emerged not so long ago. I suggest that you focus on how different cultures use different WoK and belief systems to determine what is beauty and femininity. 

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