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English EE Summer Help

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I don't know if my RQ is good, and it's already summer, where we have to write up our first draft. 

I tried talking to my supervisor over the break, but she has not responded. 

Im working on David Mamet's Sexual Perversity in Chicago. The RQ is: 

"How does Mamet convey the stream of consciousness of the speaker in Sexual Perversity in Chicago?"

Is the question good? Is there a better way I can structure the question? Is it too broad? Too narrow? 

How would I go about analyzing the narrative technique of 'stream of consciousness'? 

The play is a very easy read, with only 70 pages. The dialogue is very simple but bland. It's isn't the most critically acclaimed play. So how would I go about writing on such a play, cause I can't change the piece I'm working at this point. There is only 4 characters, two male and two female. My outline for the essay is structured with 500 words to talk about each character. 300 for the abstract. 500 for the introduction and less for the conclusion. 

Wanting to finish up this essay over this break has got me really frustrated, but I don't know how to go about writing this efficiently. 

Please help, anyone. I'm really struggling. 

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I do not know the work you are going to do the EE about but an English EE is not only about analyzing stylistic features (that would be like going grocery shopping and explaining what every item is and does but not actually stating the purpose of it). Now, you actually need to state the purpose of that example and what effect it has on the audience, aka evaluating the effect on the audience. So I would change your question to a "how and why" to not drift away from the one thing that makes English EE's go down in marks the most because the majority forget about it.

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