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Parabola investigatigation

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[quote name='[email protected]@r3nko' post='29849' date='Dec 7 2008, 03:15 PM']this may sound like dump...but i;m stuck at question 1..can anybody guyde me through the investigation?...but NOT TELLING me the result..just how to find it...

and for x2-x1..how do i substract that?....pls..help..is due 2morrow..and i am dead[/quote]

Mine is due tomorrow as well.. If you need any help PM. The question one asks to find four intersections ( use your calculator to do that just insert screenshots ) and then you need to name intersections x- values as it go from left to the right on the axis as x1, x2 and so on.. When you have exact values of x1, x2, ... you can do the substraction.

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