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Should I take Visual Arts HL or French HL?

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I am moving and switching schools for my junior and senior year and my new school offers IB. I am pretty interested in getting an IB diploma but I'm not sure which course option to take.

Both options have English HL, History HL, Calculus SL, and Environmental Systems and Society SL as core classes. My choice is to either take Visual Arts HL and French SL, or take French HL and either Visual Arts SL or Biology SL. 

The thing is, I really am not interested in French or Art, but I have taken 3 years of french and averaged over 95% in the class. I took a Basic Art Forms class last year and I found I have not even a slight interest in the subject. As I'm typing this out it seems obvious I should take French HL, but I am still looking for advice because maybe the style of the IB program would make Visual Arts more interesting to me? 


Thanks in advance for any advice!

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Visual Arts HL was considered one of the hardest/most intensive HL's in all of IB by my friends who took it. Language B HL's are generally regarded as some of the least stressful HL's and having taken Spanish HL B it was a breeze. Take that as you may.

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