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IB Supplies?

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Hi all!


So I'm going into grade 10 and I'm taking pre-IB as well as some IB courses before taking the diploma program in  grades 11 and 12 and I'm just wondering what supplies I'll need/you recommend?

Here are my courses:

Social 10 Pre-IB

Math 10 Pre-IB

Science 10 Pre-IB

Chemistry 20 IB

Math 20-1 IB

French 10 Pre-IB

ELA 10 Pre-IB

Thank you!

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Hi Vivian,

It mainly depends on how you prefer to take notes. I like to take my notes in onenote, and I have a very specific method for doing so, but I know a lot of people prefer to write them and I can't really help you with that. I usually just type up my notes and then print them out before the exam to highlight and annotate them. Then before the exam I just BURN through a bunch of cheap exercise books. With that in mind, here are my suggestions:

- a good, reliable calculator with graphing functions

- a good laptop - I use windows as onenote functions better, but if you are committed to Apple there are ways to work around this

- a decent hard drive (some textbooks are really big and you need to be backing up your work)

- heaps and heaps of cheap exercise books - these can be found at office supplies outlets particularly around the time of the 'back to school' sales. Use one per subject per term if you can afford it - you'll thank yourself when you're looking for worked examples later.

- pick ONE kind of pen you like and stick with it. Idk if this is just superstition but I think using the same pen in practice and in the exam will help you remember content - if you want to be really fancy you could have a different kind for each subject!

- Coloured pens, highlighters, sticky notes if you are a colourful learner!

- A big roll of butchers paper for doing mind maps on - this is great for brainstorming assignments and linking concepts you've learnt.

- Some kind of planning method - I have a very sloppy, basic and badly executed bullet journal, but that really works for me as I like things to be flexible. If you want a calendar based planning diary and are willing to commit to the upkeep, that is also a good option. It's always okay to change later and experiment with what works for you, there's no one system that is a lot better or worse.

-  If you are a flashcard type, buy lots of those as well. Personally, I just use quizlet but everyone is different.

That's pretty much all I use, I hope that helps. PM me if you have any further questions :)

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