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My subjects are 

English Lit HL 

French SL

Economics HL 

Chemistry SL 

Maths SL 

Biology HL 


all my teachers are telling me not to do the EE in their respective subject because it's too difficult, too much stress, marked harshly etc. Which is a bit disheartening because I have no clue what to choose. We have to put in two preferences (2 subjects), so I was wondering what you've heard/experienced doing an EE in these subjects. Any opinion would help so much!!! 


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I recommend writing the EE in your best subject. The obvious reason is that you will likely know what you are talking and easier organize your thoughts. Looking at your subjects probably avoid Math or Chemistry (because they are concept-heavy and you take them at SL) but everything else look good. Find a supervisor who is willing to do EEs and can motivate you when you are stuck. 

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