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SL B&M or SL Geography?

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@themthem Your subject choice depends on what you want to do, which you find more interesting and which has the better teacher.

I take Geography HL and Business SL (online) and I like Geography a lot more than Business. This is partly because we have a great teacher, but also because there are a lot more relevant geography websites and the theory is easy to understand. In business, I sometimes feel that the theories we study are not nearly as reliable (or used as much) as in geography.

In geography, you'll learn about population change, economic and social disparities, environmental geography and whichever two options your school selects.

In business, you'll learn basic finance (balance sheet, profit and loss account, profitability ratios), marketing (4Ps, etc.), human resources, and operations management.

If you want to go into science/research I would recommend you take geography - the methods are similar to scientific procedures, whereas if you think about working in a company you might want to choose business.

In my opinion, geography is the more versatile choice of the two.

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I never took Geography but Business is by far my favorite subject. It's something that has always just come naturally for me and I love the feeling of being a real-world-problem solver of the exam questions. Also if you took it for GCSE, it's a similar course and could take some of the workloads off of the packed course of IB!!

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look at the syllabi for both subjects and see if you like the topics and then choose 

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