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Concerns about grade 11 shortcomings

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Hi all

I wrapped up the first year of IB in June, and if my report card is to be believed, I'm currently sitting at 40 points ( our school forces us to finish the EE by february of year 1, so i already got my grades for that)

what i'm seriously concerned about are my HL history grades. I scored a 5 in my end of year exam( cause of my handwriting as opposed to what I wrote if you can believe it) but thankfully my earlier grades were able to carry me to a final score of 6. 

As of now, im seriously stressing about grade 12, as my first exam and IA will pretty much decide what my predicted grades will be. I seriously want to get into a high tier university, i really do, but it won't happen if i trip and fall during the first months of IB 2. Besides, i have a history of performing poorly when under stress, which won't help. What could i do to remain fairly stress free whilst also performinng better next year? Thank you

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I recommend you decide on a clear cut off point each day after which you will do no more school work, and just relax, or hang out with friends (ie. do what you like).

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