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ART: ideas on making textured scales?

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Trying to make some reptile (specifically snake) scales. I wanted a textured effect for my painting.

Attempts made already:

  • clay: I'm not clay person so it broke in the kiln 😂
  • Paper/magazine: cut it into shape of scale and layered it with glue, but it takes way too much time and even then it doesn't come out right

If you have any ideas, I'm willing to try! You could also suggest a new way to do the failed attempts.

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I want to say last time I took art was in grade 8. Glue for all of the following.

1. If the snake is small enough you can use fish scales.

2. Thin cardbaord? The ones used for cereal boxes. 

3. Hard plastics, like cut from a cup or something. 


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