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Will I be able to finish my EE first draft in 6 days?

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My EE first draft is due by August 14th, which is 6 days away from today. I will have full 6 days to work on my extended essay after school. My subject area is in physics and I chose a topic of hydraulic jumps. I finished my experiments and have the data graphed. The theory is still challenging and I do not know how to analyze my data so I'm basically lost in the data analysis and conclusion part. But the biggest problem is that my data seems quite off from what I have expected and I do not have enough time to re-do the experiment so I'm planning just to write a report on whatever I have at the moment and get the feedback. So if I dedicate all my time left (6 days) until the first draft deadline just writing the essay (not experimenting or anything), will I physically be able to finish an essay that will score above a C? Also, I'm wondering whether the EE predicted score that I get for the first draft will be included in my end of the year predicted score which gets sent to colleges. Please save my life by sharing your honest opinion and giving me some advice. I am really urgent. Thanks!

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It's totally possible. I did my entire EE (research included) in one night for the first draft. You'll be totally fine

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