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Please chance me! I think I'm screwed

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Hello everyone,

Hope you are having a good day :) 

Well...I'm going to get straight to the point, I'm scared about whether or not I'll be going to Uni next fall. Basically I'm a full diploma student in a foreign country, my family moves around quite a lot due to my dad's job. I'll be going to 12 Grade next week, so far I'm surviving IB and meeting deadline in terms of EE, CAS, IA's or TOK.. I had terrible to decent marks in 9th & 10th grade, I got mostly 3's,4's,5's and a few 6's (I did the MYP). I switched schools after 10th grade and moved to a new country and honestly It was pretty horrible in the beginning I hated it but I eventually got over it as I realized I'm almost done with school. So much **** happened in 11th grade my first semester was better than my second and I was really motivated at the beginning of the second semester but some stuff happened and i stopped caring, I accept responsibility and I realized how much I've screwed up my life I barely passed my end of year exams but I've worked on myself this past summer, I read ahead, I went over my textbooks and I'm going to be more serious this coming year and make it count! I'm scared no university or college will accept me, my ECA's are varied I have done, vball, tennis, art club, debate team, MUN, and I did an intern ship this summer and I plan to possibly do more this coming semester, my community service works are good too. I'm seriously worried for myself, I can't let my parents down! Especially after they have spent thousands and thousands of dollars on my education and some of my cousins aren't even able to afford school fees. I was really dissapointed in myself and I was actually considering suicide if I don't get admission. Community college is not an option for me. (not that there is any thing wrong with community college). I've been looking at schools in the US and Canada. 

for Canada I'm looking at: University Manitoba, York University, Western University, Mcmaster, TRU, Ryerson University, Brock University . (I really want to go to UBC or Mcgill but I know it's probably a stretch)

for USA : NYU, The New School, Elon, Highpoint, Northeastern, Temple University, Rollins College, Penn State, Arizona State, Washington State, DePaul university and many more.

I really want to go to college, I now know myself as a person and I have so much potential, all my teachers say it. I didn't put in the effort back then but I am now.


Please, please chance me! please be thoroughly honest. I'm also going to be taking the SAT in October, I took SAT prep classes during the summer and got a 1100 which I've been trying to improve. 

*UPDATES: I dropped the full IB Diploma, I'm now a certificate student. I got into a few schools... Thompson Rivers University in Canada, Temple University, University of Tampa, Suffolk University and Quinnipiac University in the US. So if anyone else is going through something similar just know that there is hope. I'm just waiting to hear from more Canadian universities as Canadian schools are now my main priority.

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For Canadian schools only:

Well, most only care about the marks you get in your last year of school (except UBC does care about extra curriculars but yours are amazing). You picked some really easy universities to get into, so if you pull a high 20 or low 30 you should be golden for Manitoba, York, Brock, TRU and Ryerson. A low-mid 30 makes McMaster and Western within range. If you can get a high 30 or something, UBC and McGill are possible! Most schools don't really have or use an IB cutoff, so it's best to apply and hope for good news.

You should mention what you want to study. Canadian universities admit by program, so you need to meet the cutoff for that program (which can vary a LOOOOT within a university). Engineering and business are usually the hardest to get into but arts or sciences have lower requirements.

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For US schools:

They tend to care about extra curricular stuff as well as grades. Extra curricular look pretty solid on your end.  

Your SAT score of 1100 is a bit on the low side for most of the schools you mentioned. In order to be competitive, you probably want at least a low 1300. 

Rollins and The New School look to be a better chance as they have Average SAT scores closer to 1100.

There are a bunch of "chance me" sites for US schools which factor in GPA, and SAT scores and show you where you fit in terms of other data. I mostly used Cappex and occasionally College Board. 

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