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(Correct me If I'm wrong)
IB Changed the CAS hours to at least 3 activities in the 3 categories.

Do these projects have to be long term or can it be something that lasts a few days Eg going on a a trip organised by some educational program for a few days where you can do debates and other activities. On the trip let's say you would do a debate, and running. Would that count as 2 activities?

If not can someone please explain.

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I mirrored the new CAS guide here

The new CAS program involves CAS experiences and at least 1 CAS project. CAS is expected to be continuous for 18 months during IB1 and IB2, with roughly equal attention paid to each of Creativity, Action, and Service. Pages 8-9 give an overview of CAS. CAS Experiences can be short-term or long-term.

Descriptions of CAS experiences are pasted below


It is likely that debate and running count as separate experiences. But likely they would be categorized with your other debates and runs. 

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