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Need help with English EE research question!

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Hi i am working on my english ee and i was wondering if this sounds like a strong enough research question to start out with?



 How does Ken Kesey use the fog motif and indirect characterization of the secondary characters in the novel One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest to demonstrate that everyone has a false perception of reality?


thanks :)

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Can you write 4000 words on just this one motif? If the answer is "yes" then go right ahead. I think you'll be struggling to say something more after 3-5  pages. That's my hunch, anyway.

The other problem is that this question,  though well formulated, does not lend itself to genuine research. You already have an answer right-off-the-bat and therefore are not really doing a proper investigation to find something out (or proving a hypothetical) but writing a P2 type essay. The paper 2 is concerned with getting you to demonstrate what you already know; the EE wants you to "investigate" and is therefore very different in nature and aims.

Let's see what others have to say. 8-)

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