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Bilingual Diploma - Do Universities Really Care??

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Hey guys!! In my school, every student is forced to take some form of Chinese course in the IB. In fact, prior IB all students are already required to study Chinese. The school will divide us into ability levels and those who they think are "Chinese Enough" are forced to take Chinese A. To sugar coat this deprivation of freedom they publicize that every student has a choice!!! For us, we get to pick the lesser evil between Chinese A Lang & Lit or Lit as well as HL or SL, "Wow!! How generous!!!!" 

Anyways, back to the main topic, do universities even care about applicants with a Bilingual Diploma? Does it account for mere impression points or does possess a determinating factor?

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To be quite honest they do not care as long as you do not do anything where languages might aid you but even then they do not. I have a bilingual diploma and I will be studying international relations where languages are of aid and universities really did not care.

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