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Psychology IA POV?

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My IB psych teacher just warned us not to write in first person POV on the IA, even when outlining our procedures. I was a little confused, seeing as the IAs for every other course seem to encourage the use of first person POV, and in this one I'm literally outlining my research and actions. Is it actually a no-go, or is it just my teacher's personal preference?

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It's supposed to be somewhat like a small psychology paper, with an abstract and everything, so usually it's written in third person. At least that's true for the higher-scoring IAs I've read, and what our school told us. And I don't know about IAs for other courses encouraging first person - I'm pretty sure that science IAs are usually written in the third person too. It just makes things look more professional. Keep in mind that journals are also outlining their personal research and ideas too, but are almost always written in the third person (although granted they don't need to fulfil some stupid 'personal engagement' criteria).

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