Ib subject choice

Hey guys! This year I'm starting my IBDP and I have a few questions regarding my choice of subjects. I have chosen the following but there is still time to make changes:

Math HL


Econ HL

Albanian Literature HL

Chemistry SL

English Language SL

Is it a good choice to take both BM and Econ? I want to major in Business so I don't know If I should take BM/Econ at HL or History HL. I have a strong math background so I'm definitely taking Math HL. Should I make another change to my list?

Any help is appreciated!



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I think taking both business and economics is useless. If I were you I would take economics and geography as both aid each other. I would not take history unless you are really interested in it. Also with economics you can easily go into business but it will not work vice versa.

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