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Help in History extended essay please!!

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Hello, guys. I'm almost finishing my EE on History, the topic I've chosen is "What was the impact of the 1992's Coup d'État on the Rule of Law as a democracy pillar in Peru?". However, I'm worried due to some people think is not related to History, but to Politics and Law. What do you think? :/

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Hola, muy buenas. Bienvenido al foro.

To be honest, if you've already written it, save yourself the trouble of worrying. I can almost guarantee you won't fail if you put in an honest effort and so then it's just a question of a a point or two on your score for the diploma. It's not worth rewriting for that. Also, examiners would be less understanding if you had written a Music EE of Mozart's compositions and submitted it as history, but they'll be more forgiving with something like this where the topics have a bit of overlap. I will say that analyzing specific people's intentions, historical events, and changes are all part of any good history essay. Analyzing a legal text can be a great supplement to a history essay (I had a fair amount of legal analysis in mine), but it can not be the only thing. You should ideally try to have one or more of the following: put it into context, explain it's effects, and opine on how/why it came to be, focus on events themselves/not just court proceedings, etc.

You're probably fine. Try not to worry too much. Suerte y saludos.

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On ‎13‎/‎08‎/‎2017 at 2:41 PM, Nomenclature said:

Haha, no, there's even a WhatsApp group chat in Spanish. If you send  @nicolech00 a pm, she'll add you to the group. My essay was on black civil rights in the U.S. right before WWII.

@Rocío Barrionuevo hey hi, yes we have a chat for Spanish speakers. If you are interested please send me a message!

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