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History IA: Can I cite a primary source on a secondary source for Part A?

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So for one of the main two sources I plan on using for Part A: Identification and Evaluation of Sources, I chose a letter which is cited in a textbook. I've tried to find the exact location of that letter and whether it's available online but I can't seem to find anything and chances are it's not available since it's from years ago and I don't have access to any sort of archives like that. Would it still be okay if I cited the primary source which is on the textbook instead of the primary source itself? Sorry if this is a bit confusing.

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In this situation I'd recommend using the textbook's primary source citation but then adding a note to the end of the citation "as cited in ..." and just provide the name and maybe ISBN of your secondary source. MLA actually does have an official style for this type of citation but I can't remember it. Whatever you do, I don't think examiners will mind. 

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