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Motivation Letter Procrastination

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I am applying to three different regions, all of which have a different letter format (Netherlands, UK, Canada). This means I need to write various letters with different contents, addressing different things. Most deadlines for applications are in January and I am having trouble finding a way to write all of these letters because they are all so similar yet so different. Each university is asking a different question about different subjects and it's a continuous struggle to write things about myself repeatedly. I don't know when to get a letter in finished and feel like it needs to be very soon. 



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I'm having similar problems, it is hard enough to write about yourself as it is, let alone having to write in my case four different application letters.

What I decided to do, and it has worked quite well, is write a list of things that you want to mention in all of the letter, for example your leadership skills, or if your fluent in another language, and maybe even things that interest you or you do related to what you want to study. Then write a list of things that are exclusive to each country you are applying to, and once you have each list you can start drafting your essays. 

Maybe you could write the main point of each essay, and then add in all the stuff that they should include in common?

idk im probably as lost as you are.

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