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Help on Chemistry IA

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Hello! I have to hand in my first draft for my chemistry investigation in one week and I've read ever single guide and checklist on how to do it.

But my problem is I don't know what to do it on... My original idea was to investigate how the amount of baking soda in bath bombs affected the rate of reaction between the bath bomb and water, and how the temperature of the water affected. But now that I've seen so many examples, I think this idea lacks a great deal of science and data.

At this point I don't have access to a lab, and the material I have at home is very limited. So I wanted to do something that was just data based, like creating tables and graphs and discussing the results. I thought about doing something related to global warming, more specifically a comparison between the presence of different greenhouse gases in Mexico, China and Norway or something like that. But I don't really see much chemistry in it...



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We can't give you an investigation topic per se, but it's not that easy to do an IA without experimental data, although it is possible. You could start with these ideas, from the syllabus:

  • using a spreadsheet for analysis and modelling
  • extracting data from a database and analysing it graphically
  • producing a hybrid of spreadsheet/database work with a traditional hands-on investigation
  • using a simulation, provided it is interactive and open-ended.

There are quite a lot of simulations and databases online, so it should be possible to find something related to your interests. 

I also think your original idea is perfectly doable if you have time, as it's quite closely linked with the IB Chemistry syllabus (rate of reaction and energetics). You should be able to do a sizeable number of trials with a mini version of baths and bath bombs - just scale everything down significantly to save time. Remember, you aren't rewarded for the complexity of the topic, but on how well you plan, analyse and discuss it. 

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