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Computer Science EE- AI in the Space Exploration Industry

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Hi, this is my first time creating a forum post and I might not be as specific or on topic as I need to be to get my points and thoughts across so please bear with me.

Currently I am in the midst or writing the first draft for my Computer Science Extended Essay and I seem to have hit a snag. The Research Question I have come up with is:
To what extent has Artificial Intelligence impacted the space exploration industry?

I would appreciate it if anyone could answer a few of my concerns about my RQ:

  • Is it too broad?
  • If it is, how can I narrow it without changing too much, as I already put up my first reflection which includes my RQ. (Kind of rushed and got myself into trouble here)
  • Also, are there any fresh or unique takes on this topic? All I seem to be able to think of are the basics. (I just really wanted to do my EE on AIs and now I regret being so adamant)

Below are the Self-Reflections I have posted in the RRS to give you an idea of my direction:


My main points of focus and essay outline are as follows:

  1. Introduction: Why AI's should be implemented or researched etc.
  2. How AI's imitate human behaviour: Mental Processes and Procedural thinking.
  3. Efficiency of algorithms: Analyse the Machine Learning Algorithm and improve on efficiency if possible.
  4. Why AI's are suitable for use in space: Benefits and Drawbacks.
  5. Two current uses of AI in space: Rovers (AEGIS) and Environmental Maintenance (BioSphere).
  6. Possible future uses: Extraterrestrial exploration, Interplanetary travel (Passengers).
  7. Conclusion: To what extent has Artificial Intelligence impacted the space exploration industry?


Outline of Introduction:

Context: Artificial Intelligence is an industry in itself as there are various uses for a technology which can simulate human behaviour however this also means that it can be used in various other industries. One such industry which has a potentially bright future for Artificial Intelligence technology is the Space Exploration industry, which has already implemented a few AIs and is planning to upgrade and implement more.

Outline of Argument: This essay seeks to analyse the core function of AIs and how and why they are useful in the Space Exploration Industry.

Scope: The essay will also include a couple examples of present uses of AIs in Space Exploration along with an analysis into their limitations and possible adjustments to make them more self-sufficient as Space requires largely self sufficient mechanisms or environments due to the amount of time it takes to communicate with Earth from distances further than the moon.

Worthiness of investigation: This research question is worthy of investigation because it is a potential turning point in both the development of Artificial Intelligence technology and the advancement of Space Exploration (and its technology) to grander heights and it could be one of the keys to travelling to further distances physically.

And honestly this is as far as I have gotten, except for a few lines into the actual Introduction. Is this a good start? Or do I need something a little more interesting or important?

Any additional advice or constructive criticism which is not a direct answer to any of my questions will also be appreciated and considered.

Thank you for your time.

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