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Physics EE help (Effect of wheels on the recoil momentum of a potato cannon)

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Hey guys this is my first time using IB Survival and I found out that it is really beneficial for the IB student. My Physics EE revolves around the effect wheels have on the recoil momentum of a potato cannon. RQ: To what extent does the rolling friction of wheels affect the recoil momentum of a potato cannon after launch?  

I just want your opinion on my research question and my topic, and if you believe it can be improved please let me know. :) 

As for the experiment itself, I am planning on building a potato cannon (with and without wheels) and comparing these three things after the launch of the potato: the location of the cannon, the speed of the potato, and the distance the potato traveled. 

Please let me know if there is a problem with my approach and how it can be improved, it would mean the world to me. 

Thank you :D




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It may be difficult to measure the instantaneous velocity of the potato, but the average velocity can be calculated from distance traveled and time taken. The usual formulae for dynamic and kinetic friction in the mechanics section can't really be used for rolling friction, but if you know a method for measuring rolling friction between the wheel and the surface of the table, it's doable. 

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