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How big is the jump from Grade 10 Pre-IB to Grade 11 IB?

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Hey guys! So I've just finished grade 9 and 10 pre-ib and will begin Year 1 of the actual IB soon. Personally, grade 9 was pretty easy but grade 10 was actually pretty tough since units from the IB were incorporate into our curriculum. I did alright during these years but could have tried much harder.

So, is Grade 11 a lot harder than the previous two years? Did you struggle at first? Feel free to leave any other tips, thanks!

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I think it depends on your subject choices. For me personally it was only slightly harder than grade 10 pre-IB, and the only really difficult subjects I had throughout the year were math HL (which I dropped because of mediocre grades) and English Lang and Lit (I just straight up suck at language). You will definitely have to put in some effort if you want good grades though. It's not like previous years where some subjects you can sit by with no work and end up with a 90+ average.

The most stressful parts of grade 11 for me were the assignments with long deadlines (extended essay, IAs, etc.) since you need to manage your time effectively and try not to convince yourself that you have "plenty of time" since your deadlines can often be months away.

I think what matters most are your study habits. If you develop good study habits you will be fine no matter how tough your subject selection is. 

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