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Comparing Growth Rate Between Two Groups of Plants

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Hey everyone!

I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, but since I'm doing my extended essay in biology, I thought that the people here might have a better idea of how to answer my question.

Basically, for my experiment I have two groups of plants (7 plants in each group) that were subjected to different conditions and I measured their mass every few days. I have used this data to graph the average growth rate for each of the two groups (I graphed some other stuff too, but this is irrelevant). I also compared the final mass/yield of the plants using a t-test. 

I was wondering how/if I should compare the growth rates of the two groups. Since the growth rate is not linear, I can't exactly calculate the slopes and perform a t-test, right? My topic specifically mentions "growth rate" but I can easily change this to "growth yields" if comparing the growth rate proves too difficult. I asked this before on a different forum, and they suggested that I do an ANOVA test, but it seems that I'm only supposed to use that if I have 3+ groups? I'm a bit confused.

Any guidance is much appreciated! :)

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