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Are AP courses advisable?

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13 hours ago, Irma Calista said:

Hi everybody! I just wanted to know if it is advisable to take AP courses in a certain subject of interest along with doing IB courses in that same very subject. 

Thank you:)

If you can bear the workload, I think AP Calculus BC's a pretty good supplement to a normal IB course load. I mean, when you're trying to throw in AP courses to a full IB Diploma already, there should be an actual reason to it e.g. learning something that's not taught in the IB or if your school offers a subject in AP but not in iB - rather than just adding AP for the sake of doing it. So with that in mind, your options become more limited as there's already a lot of overlap in subjects (though not necessarily content-wise) between AP and IB. AP Calculus BC, AP Physics C, and perhaps a couple more others are imo the only ones worth taking. If you're trying to show off a rigorous academic course load in the first place, it's unlikely you're going to want to take the AP Arts courses.

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AP are exams-only, while IB needs IAs. I know IB students who took AP exams without taking the courses, and they self-studied to various extent. They do coincide with IB May session so people I know took them a year before IB exams.

In addition to what @IB`NOT`ez said, I do very much encourage taking either Physics C because they are calculus-based while IB Physics is algebra-based (albeit with some calculus concepts in mutiple choice). 

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2 hours ago, Irma Calista said:

Thank you so much! But what if I want to do an AP course in a subject I already take in IB as an HL? Like a subject I have keen interest in? Is it advisable or not? 

This is really hard for me to answer because there are many aspects to consider. Previous poster talked about work load of an extra subject and I discuss potential conclict of exams. All I can say is that since you can potentially self learn the content in summer, it's likely manageable if there are no exam conflict. 

Because you have not given any context, you should make the decision yourself. We can only say this is what might happen. 

With that said, there is a particular aspect you would like us to consider?

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