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tok essay feedback

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hello everyone,

I had done my tok essay and asked my teacher to give me feedback and she just said 'this sentence is not understandable, change it and I will look at it back.' but now she says IB doesn't allow for 2nd feedback. Is it true, I'm not trying to say whether she is a liar or not please don't get it wrong but just wondering is it correct and can't I get a feedback anymore because you know it doesn't feel ok when you give your essay and not get your feedback. (I did not pass the deadline though, I handed my essay the day she asked so it shouldn't be about deadlines right ?)

thank you guys for any response

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If you just changed one sentence, if should still be considered first feedback. All IAs, EE, and ToK teachers are allowed one detailed feedback. You can just give your first draft and ask her for more and more detailed comments.

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