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My school started IB a year ago, and they don't know what they are doing

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Okay so a year ago a joined this school which had just started IBDP. I thought because it's new it will be better and they will pay more attention to us. We are only five kids. Four of us are not from India, (this is a school in India). Three of us are from Thailand and one is from Canada. So it's been a whole year and so far there are only some subjects we have done IB related. the rest the teachers are trying to make it as bookish as possible, because (a) The teachers have not trained according to the IBDP curriculum, (b) they are teachers of the CBSE board and they don't like the IB way of teaching. The teachers really seem to hate us because they can't control us or the way IB is taught. And if we complain, nobody acts on it because they think we are rebelling. Also some of the teachers never tell us anything about the actual exam. Like they themselves don't know anything about past papers. Whenever we have tests some teachers are so biased they literally mark us according to which student they like best. We have tried talking to everyone but nobody listens to us. And I feel we are jeopardising our future and wasting our time here. 

We go for any activity and they say that the IB kids are always roaming around and the CBSE kids are better, which is seriously very dis motivating. Secondly all they make us do is study from the books. We never have PE. In CAS they make us sit on the computer and make us write reflections. I am so lost and I feel emotionally drained. Is there any way to contact the IB board about this 

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Yes, you can contact the IB! 
Normally the IB doesn't accept contact from anybody other than the coordinators. However, in cases like these, where you feel like there is a malpractice or wrongdoing, they'll take you very seriously.

You can find all the information you need about "Whistleblowing" here: 

Good luck.

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