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Really confused about formulating the research question for my Chemistry EE?

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Hey y'all :) 

My EE's in Chemistry (Yeh I finally settled on Chemistry for people who have been following my struggles hehe). So! In my EE I am determining whether or not catalase follows the Michaelis Menten kinetics. But then I continue to determine things like rate constant, order of reaction, concentration of enzyme in the yeast source, the catalytic and kinetic efficeincy, etc. 

I am not sure how to formulate a research question to include ALL of these things I am analysing. With the EE being due in 2 days time this is really stressing me out. I came up with a RQ: Does catalase follow M-M kinetics? But of course my teacher said that this RQ only includes the preliminary section of the EE, so guys how should I formulate this question, any hint, tips, advice would be amazing atm. :))


Have a great day! 

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I'm not completely educated in chemistry, but if you haven't already turned it in, what if you keep the question as is and then add, "...and how does it impact the various factors of reaction rates?" Idk, something to add on that encompasses all that you wish to analyze.

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Guest TheMagical7

Just a question, when you meant your EE was due in two days, did you do it in two days?

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