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Help with Maths IA

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Hi I am just about to start my second year of IB and we were told by our math teacher that we needed to come up with an idea for the IA, a short introduction to what math we are going to use and to collect some data. I have been trying to find an idea for 1 month and I can't seem to find anything that interests me and if I do it's either too complicated or too simple for SL maths. I am starting to panic as I have like 5 days till I have to show my progress to the teacher and I have nothing. 

I also seem to have problems with thinking about what math to use if a topic interests me. It is just wayy too confusing for me. 

I am interested in doing something with statistics or probability. I am not the best at math so I would like something that is manageable. If anyone has any ideas please do help out. Thanks in advance 

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First you can do do a keyword search in this forum for ideas. 

I recommend https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLDZcGqoKA84Eo56G1kIFE6IYwpxFgxFXB for ideas. The user MindYourDecisions creates a lot of mostly high school level math videos focus on puzzles and problem solving. 

If you have to choose between a simple or a complicate topic, I recommend a simple one because 1) you can better understand it and explain it 2) you can always make something more difficult but not easier 3) as long as the content is around SL level you should be fine; you don't need to go beyond the syllabus to achieve a full 6/6 in that criterion. I recommend against IAs purely on finding a correlation between 2 variables because the student tend to not explain how the correlation formulae are derived or even sometimes misuse them. 


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