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Chemistry HL, Design Technology, Computer Science - Basic questions

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I'm about to choose my IB subjects and I feel like I need some help. It's really hard... Can someone write about Computer Science and Design Technology? Is it intresting for you, is it hard? Does the studying and homework take a lot of time? Also, is Chemistry HL really that hard? I heard terrible stuff about it, but I think I'll still choose it. What are the easiest subjects in IB? 

Sorry, for that many questions. I'm just nervous... Thank you for helping me with it <3


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Design tech is basically design theory, manufacturing/engineering theory combined with design thinking and hands-on work. We higher level students also learn about commercial production, marketing, and user-centred design. I think the course provided me a great deal of insight about the design industry despite that sometimes, theory classes were a bit dull. The design project, especially the manufacturing part, is quite fun. 

Do not take what other said too personal; the difficulty of chemistry higher level mainly depends on your skills and interest. If you put the work in, you can do well. There are no easiest subjects in IB. Choose the subjects that you enjoy/have a passion on. 

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