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Hi guys,

As I want to study economics at a selective university (in U.S) in the future, and I cannot stand taking Math HL at the moment, would it be sufficient to take Math SL combined with AP BC calc? I find Math SL very easy and score 6's/7's frequently (this is since I am repeating one year of the IB), so how hard would it be to shift focus during IB (repeated) year 1 and really study BC calc for almost a semester to take BC exams in spring? In this way I can compete with stronger applicants without having to struggle through the other than calc material in HL Math?




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AP BC Calculus is essentially HL Calculus, HL Options Calculus and few extra things. IB recommends 96 teaching hours for the two units. We were going at a moderate pace of ~55 hours for Core and super-accelerated pace of ~40 hours for the Calcs Option. 

As far as I know, BC Calculus is meant to be a one-year course taught by a teacher. AP BC also asks questions intrinsically different from IB. IB scaffolds long questions (>15 marks) in parts of fewer marks, but AP for the most part does not scaffold for hard problems. That means for many BC questions, it's a hit or a miss. I did not take BC but I have seen many questions possibly beyond HL level / will not appear in HL exams. 

Therefore, it is personal opinion that if you do not think you can handle HL, doing AP BC Calc in one semester is even more riskier. 

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